LEFT() expression in inline tables

Hi all,

Does LEFT() expression work in inline table views? I have an inline table with a column that has very long text and so I want to use the expression as LEFT([Column name], 5) to only have 5 characters visible in the inline table views?

I tried it and didn’t work, so maybe I am missing something.


LEFT() can be used anywhere an expression can be used.

That’s a different question. To display a different value than actually exists in the column, you’d have to create an additional (optionally virtual) column that contains the alternate value, then reconfigure the view to display that alternate-value column instead of the original.

Have you already explored reconfiguring the inline view?


ahhhh I see… I must have misunderstood the expression. Ok I think creating a different column with 5 characters would be a better option.

Thanks heaps Steve!