Left position of prominent actions: small change has a big bad impact

Hello Community:
Recently AppSheet has changed the location of the prominent action buttons, putting them on the left instead of the right as before. I do not understand the advantage of this change, but I do see a notable disadvantage. Considering that the majority of users are right-handed, when he holds the device with one hand it is now difficult to reach the actions that are located to the left. Before this was much easier and could be done quickly with one hand.

Sometimes what appears to be a small change turns out to have a big impact, as in this case. I hope they can reverse the change.

Or customizable right left center, and I wish I could control the size of them from formatting


Being a lefty makes me happy to finally get a change that’s a benefit to us. Although almost every app and interface imaginable has the menu button in the upper top left, the rest of the app is designed for right handedness.
This change does fall more in line with a visual design advantage since most languages are read left to right(as far as I know and can tell). Also whenever you add an action it doesn’t shift old action locations it simply adds it to the end of the line or creates a new one if needed.
Customization of where the buttons are located would be nice especially if it can be controlled by a formula.

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I agree