Less than and Greater than Formula


I need your help regarding how to use “less than and greater than” in AppSheet. I tried a common way but I got an error. I want to compare if the value of the [Score A] column is greater than or equal to 1.2M. Here’s my expression :

H i @Cyrine_Mae_Mendoza,

It’s seems the output of your expression is numeric.
But, your column type is Text.

You can either change your column type as Number, or change the output in your IFS expression with

   [Score A]>=12000000,"20",

Moreover, maybe you will want to check the column type of [Score A], I suspect it’s not a number nor a decimal ?

EDIT : compare Numbers with Numbers, and Decimals with Decimals
Decimal have dot, like 120000.0


Remove the comma after the 5 too. Also just for your information the expression will never equal 8 or 5 since if it is less than 900,000 then it is also less than 1,200,000. You will want to check the lowest less thans first then the highest greater thans.