Let users get audit history/performance logs out of appsheet automatically

Is there a way to get the log data out of an app automatically?

What log data?

The audit history or the performance profile.

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Ah. Iā€™m not aware of a way. :frowning:

Changed this to a feature request :slight_smile:
It can be a pain to go find things in the logs with the 1000 record limit over the time span. As well performing some historical analyses of sync and actions times in not very easy since the bar graph just shows blank for 99% of it. Being able to track when I push out new stable version and observing the impact it has on action times would be great. I know this feature would only really be useful to those that make larger apps that have appreciable sync times but I think it would be a great benefit to those that need good log data that can be searched in mass.

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