Let's have web conference on Appsheet!

I just created tv conference module within Appsheet to provide additional experiences to my clients and App users. Pleased to share the achievement with the community now.

This is not a data capture type of application, which Appsheet is good at, but we are able to create this type of module within Appsheet.

I placed sample app to my portfolio, you can find the app definition down there.



Trick is super simple and easy. Using the third party web tool, so called WEBRTC. When we googled it, there are bunch of services and most of them is free for the normal usage.

Some services, we need to write code, basically javascript, but some of them providing quick url to where we simply pass value as params to customise or straight go down to the designated room for conference.

I tested few services of webrtc, but i decided to go with https://webrtc.ecl.ntt.com/en/

NTT is Japanese telcom giant fyg.
Their tool is simple to use and UI of the tool are as well.

How app works?

User create new conference. This generates confernce room id using randambetween function.
In the virtual column with type of url, construct url using this id as a part of prams.

After saved the form, click the column (convert url appearance to simple text using hyperlink expression) and open up browser to start conference.

The counter party for conference who wish to join the conference, just refresh app and find the most latest conference on the top and click the link to join.
NTT s webrtc allow multiple user to join and scrensharing , text chat on the conference as well. Nice.

I faced with some users who dont know how to user skype for conference, although their office uses skype as office tool. My app intends to solve this problem and give the easy-peasy accces to web conference in instant way, this is essensce right here.

User case?

It is depending on app creator and users.

For instance, inspection app, maybe inspector in the site will communiate the person in the office to call for assistance? Better than sending static image or video, just use the mobile to show the site scene on live.

For education app, maybe tutor will communicate with pupils? (I welcome professional opinion from @Kirk_Masden in this field )

For disaster recovery app, the team in the site can broadcast the scene to the responding center?

Even Appshee office hours!?

I dont have live app for the moment, but will add to exsiting and future app as one of modules.

I invite broad opinion from community and Appsheet team for idea how to make this better etc.

I hope this will be found interesting and encourage the imagination of app creators.

Lastly, most importantly, this can be done without single line of the code. In the past, I used other webrtc service and embed into my web app. It is working fine, but killing my time for coding lots.

Thank you Appsheet to make this possible.

Only one thing which is negative side is UI / responsiveness in mobile view is not perfect. Better use in desktop and browser. But I never mind.




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Cool! I’m not quite ready to use it now but I can see that the sort of conferencing may be very useful. Good work!

@tsuji_koichi Thank you very much for this App. You are awesome :grinning:

I had a small idea to simplify the process:


Hi @Fabian! I have a slightly unrelated question. How did you upload or embed this video? I’m not sure how to handle video on this forum.

Hi @Kirk_Masden I use https://www.loom.com/ :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! How did you share it here. Did you embed the video with code or did you actually upload a video?

After recording, loom gives you an URL that you can copy and paste.

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Hi @tsuji_koichi,

This app idea is really great. Your recent posts on GIFs, landing page, and this one are really very useful.

Thank you very much for sharing.

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Hi Fabian

Thank you very much for your feedback.
Yes we don’t need to create new room each time, just make one room for app where anyone using app to join anytime as single place for conference .

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Thank you and glad to see you find all of the tips useful. I do have long list of tips actually. Will place to my portfolio one by one when time permits.


@tsuji_koichi - This is neat! nice job… Do you happen to know if NTT encrypts their video chat? I could not find a quick answer on their FAQ page: https://support.skyway.io/hc/en-us/sections/207333747-Fees-Contract

By way of example, google hangouts is NOT encrypted. Zoom meetings ARE encrypted. And etc etc down the line of various screen sharing and video solutions.

Hi Ty,

Good question. I will source the answer from their web and come back. If nothing there, I will raise question to them to get answers. Bear with me.


Dear Ty,

I searched in Japanese and this was hit.

Ask your best friend (Google) and translate to English. Short answer is YES, the communication is encrypted. Secured nicely.


To secure the conference room, maybe better to use expressions with 1) uniqueId() 2) randbetween(), and then combine them to get ids.
Just an idea.



And, I wonder why you can open it IN the Appsheet app, i changed the option of “open externally”

This will also work very well with the new workflow calendar .ics feature

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@tsuji_koichi - great app. Can we have recording of the web conference?

IF we “script” then yes I suppose it will be possible record the conference.