Libre Barcode 39 in Google Doc Template

Does anybody use the font Libre Barcode 39 in a Google Doc Workflow Template to create PDF?

Here you learn how to identify a Barcode.
Code 39 for 1234 looks like this:

When I write 1234 in a Google Doc and change the font into Libre Barcode 39 Text it looks like this:

It’s not scanable, because it is missing the red parts in the beginning and at the end of the code.

Here I learned to wrap it into asterisks like:

When I do this it looks like this:
Now it’s scanable. But it has an unnecessary block at the end.
You have to cover it to scan the Barcode.

So I wrote *1234*__ to get this:

My question is: How can I get rid of the last part that is not necessary?

Adding @Phil because you once told me about a customer who is using this font.