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I have a question I am about to buy a license but I want it to meet the requirements my question is …
With the AppSheet Publisher Pro license, can the restrictions be applied per user?

that is, limit the views with IN (USEREMAIL (), ??

limit views via email??


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Because Public apps are not secured, then these are not able to get information such as USEREMAIL().
You’ll get an error message if you try to deploy a public app with a USEREMAIL() expression in it :slight_smile:
More particularly, these settings are required in order to deploy a public app:


So I would have to buy the (user licenses) to be able to restrict the views?

AppSheet core


Nonetheless, depending on features you need, the starter licence may be enough.

Or, you can use public app and ask the user to pick their name in a dropdown in the UserSettings, but that can easily turn limitating.

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thank you!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: