Limit Browser Link Access

Is it possible to limit the browser link access to a certain user? So only a selected user can run the app directly in the browser. I am thinking all UX with valid if context browser and for selected user, it is possible or maybe any other solution? Thanks.

There’s no built-in mechanism to do so, but it is technically possible. It’s very complex and difficult, but possible.

Why do you want to limit user access to the desktop UI?

See also:


No, it is impossible to enale app url for particular users

Have a think with an option to hide ALL VIEWS condtionally using context(Host)=browser and useremail() expressions by wrapping by AND()


And then just show image like this?

Fake 404


Thank you Steve, initially I just want to force user to use GPS from their device. But now I just hide the action button for clock-in and register the current position in browser view and allow certain user using Only if this condition is true:

  LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(), Pengguna, Email, Presensi Hari Ini) = 0,
    LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(), Pengguna, Email, Email) = "",

Now I wish to add alert to “Presence using Device” in UX if user open the view. How to achieve this.

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Doumo Koichi-san, I did but for related views only, so the related views hidden but display the rest.

you mean the inline view (childs records on detail view)?

Then same story. You push the same expression into showif constrain for that list type fields

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