Limit Enum options for manual selection vs auto-creation

Say I have an Enum column in a table with options A,B,C,D. Record creation for this table happens in two different ways; manually by the user, and automatically via a button press. I only want the user to be able to select from A and B, but want the auto-creation to be able to use C and D. I do NOT want options C and D to even be seen in the dropdown to the user.

I have actually solved this problem by experimenting with different things while typing up this post, although I’m not positive I’ve done it in the best way. It was an interesting situation to solve. I don’t want to sway anybody’s thought processes, so I’ll delay posting my solution for a bit :wink:

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Assuming the user would only be editing the column value from a form, try a Valid If expression of:

LIST("A", "B")
+ IFS(
  ("form" <> CONTEXT("ViewType"))
    LIST("C", "D")

OK, cool, that’s exactly what I did. :+1: