Limit items on the list according to each user

Hi guys,

This is my first time using AppSheet and I’m currently developing a simple app for registering service orders in the field. The problem comes to me since we work with a 4 different workers depending on the covered area according to their location. I’d like to work with one unique list of work orders in the same sheet but I don’t want them to see orders from the others. Is there any way to limit the view of the orders according to the user?

I’m really looking forward to receiving some support from you guys and I’ll really appreciate it.


Have you tried looking at security filters?

You could also categorize your Orders. Have a separate sheet with referenced categories.
Than in your users table, have there emails along with another nested table with the categories available for the chosen users.
This way you can just add an order, select its category/or Evan Users themselves (depending on how you want to do it, and add the order.


Thanks for your reply Jonathan, I’ll check that possibility.