limit the number of the childs: 1 to 1 relati...

(Laudo Facil Laudos Eletrônicos) #1

limit the number of the childs: 1 to 1 relationship: (1 parent only can have 1 child)

how hide the “new” button in a parent record with child column (isparteof = true)?

or using other method, using linktoform and hide the button when number of child > 0

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Do you need to have it in the form or detail view?

(Laudo Facil Laudos Eletrônicos) #3


I got this behavior in the detail view, reading your comments here in the forum about using inline views + slices to have a slice with ADD and another slice READ ONLY … how to do that inside a form, since you commented !

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

When you have used Show_Ifs for both virtual lists, it should do that in the same way in the form view automatically. If you need to limit the child record to one record, you should use COUNT expression. For example COUNT([VirtualRefRowsColumn])<1.

(Laudo Facil Laudos Eletrônicos) #5

thanks very much @Aleksi_Alkio