Limit the user from submitting the form more than once a day

Hi, I am creating a check in & check out app for staff. I have a “Check In” view (form view) for the staff to check in and submit. I would like to restrict the staff to check in once a day(submit the form once per day).
I have the following columns: Date, Staff ID, Name, Staff Email Address, Check In Status.

What expression can be used to do so and where should I input the expression?
Thank you.


Hi, thank you for the info. :slight_smile:
Do you know how I can form the expression and where should I put my expression in the appsheet?

By using the expressions from the help articles I listed.

That’ll depend on how your users access the Form to Add new records. One obvious spot would be the condition for the system-generated “Add” Action for that Table. However there may be other ways that your users are adding records.

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Hi Marc, I have put my expression under the “Add” Action for the table.

I have tried to construct the expression but it is not working to what I want. I have studied the link that you have showed me.
Is it possible to see how I can reconstruct the expression?
Thank you.

The expression looks correct to me. Did you use the “Test” button? Why/how is it not working?

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This is the expression result after I have pressed on the “Test” button. It is not working as I can still submit the form more than once for today.

Dunno man.

That expression should be useable in the base table access. Try inputting it here, make sure to read what this field expects to be returned (once you open the expression assistant) so you can add on to the expression appropriately.