Limit users access on ref table

Dear all appsheet creators,

How do I limit data (main table and ref table) isolated within certain people than others?

What I could do now only main table, while I have a column with user email stated, so only same email login could access main table, but ref table doesn’t have this user email, other users can still see other details in ref table except ref column.

Any trick in solving this? Thank you very much :slight_smile:

it’s a nested calculation, something like

in([YourRefKeyField],select(usertable[YourRefKeyField,[userTableEmailField] = useremail() ) )

Sorry to do this abstractly. if you have exact names and columns from your tables, including the ref columns, I could retype it.

Dear TyAlevizos,

Thank you for your help.

The exact names and columns are in Chinese naming, but let’s take example in the sample app “Orders”.

Email for Salesman A =

Orders[Order ID] was created, and Details[Details ID] was created for items to be purchased. I need to limit access of Salesman B for this particular Order ID and Details ID.

OK here’s a working example:

  • Copy this app so that you have your own copy of the data.
  • Look at each “security filter” on each data table. This feature requires the PRO plan, by the way.
  • To test, use the emulator “preview as” feature and match an email, e.g. or or

More info on security filters is here:

Hope this helps! -Ty


Thank you so so so much :grin:

Please don’t tell me you built the module purposely for me :thinking:

OK I won’t :slight_smile:

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