Limit Users saved in an EnumList to their own data

I have a table for my buildings and a table for Persons. Buildings has a column where several Persons can be added (Type EnumList, Base type Ref, referenced table Person). Now I want to limit Users to their own data allowing them only to see the buildings in which they are added. The expression
IN([Person], SELECT(Person[Id], [Email] = USEREMAIL()))
taken from the documentation Limiting Users to Their Own Data | AppSheet Help Center works well for only one entry in the enumList column but not when there are multiple entries. Can anyone help with the right expression?

Your expression would need to be like this:

IN(ANY(SELECT(Person[Id], [Email] = USEREMAIL())), [EnumListColumn])

Using SELECT() returns a LIST and in this case a LIST of a single value. The ANY() function returns the FIRST listed value from that list.


Perfect! Much appreciated @WillowMobileSystems :pray: