Limitation of dataset for a report

Hi Appsheet,

Is it possible that there is a limitation on how many rows a report can run?

I’ve made a report that change data according an action that [Trigger]+1
The report is working all fine when I just select a couple of rows, but for a large amount of rows there is no change.

(I want to update my ref columns of all the rows once a week at night!)


I would recommend looking at the Log entry for the run of the report to see if there were any errors reported. You can get to the log by opening the workflow and tapping on the Log button in the header.

If that doesn’t prove helpful then we would need to drill in and analyze what’s going on.

There is a limit on the total execution time for any individual Report invocation.
If you are updating thousands of rows you might exceed that time limit.
You may need to break the work up into separate Reports that each update a reasonable number of rows.


Thx … it’s exactly that what happens: error exceeding time limit…

When I split the actions in different parts and put it in one report it’s working fine.

Nevertheless, this means a lot of copy and formula’s :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry for the extra work required on your part.

Our reason for imposing the execution time limit is to avoid having any single application using so much time that it impedes other users.

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Trying to avoid the extra work,I would consider two things:

  1. Can you do the updates in small doses? For example, run the report each night but update only a small portion if the records.

  2. Running it once a week at night, sounds like maintenance work run to avoid times when the system is busy with user activity. Maybe a backend process that runs off the AppSheet platform is better suited to the task, e.g. using Google Scripts or a database stored procedure/script depending on your datasource.

Just some ideas to consider.

It is indeed maintenance work on my main table.
My main table automatically records data from another table with reference.
However, when the user makes a subsequent change to the other table, the system does change the ref column, but all [refcolum].[column] is not changed.

That’s why I’ve set a trigger that adds a column once a week, so that all the appformulas will be required to reset.

The trigger only works when the relevant column is empty, which limits the dataset a lot.

The idea of doing it with google sheet, it seems to me interesting to investigate too …