Limiting Decimal Places to 2

HI - I want to show price with 2 decimal places (I know decimal places have been discussed but I can’t see how to solve this issue.
The column setting is as follows:

The expression is as follows
LINKTOFORM(“Stock Form”, “Type”, [Type], “Description”, [Description], “Code”, [Code], “Cost Price”, [Cost Price], “Plus 25%”, [Plus 25%], “Mark-up”, [Mark-up] ,“Sell Pr”, [Sell Pr], “Sell Pr Inc VAT”, [Sell Pr Inc VAT],“Value”, [Value])
The Form displays as followsForm_Display .
When Save is clicked - it says these entries are invalid.
Is there a way to solve this in the settings or in the Linktoform Expression
Thank you

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That looks like a bug to me. Please contact for help with this.


Thank you Steve - I will do that

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