Limiting Map View to Certain Drivers

Hello AppSheet Community :slight_smile:

I’m trying to limit what is visible on the map view according to which driver is selected in the locations_filter table. I am using this expression. I have tried other expressions but none have worked. What should I do?


Your expression is not correct in many aspects starting from its syntax. The expression builder evaluates it to TRUE because you had enclosed your function params within quotes resulting to be evaluated as Text

			[driver]=[_THISROW].[driver name],
			ISNOTBLANK([check-in successful?])
	locations_filter[driver name]

Thank you Levent. Here is what I got.

I have no idea about your column structure, table schema and from which table you are trying to trigger this action. The error indicates that [driver name] column does not exists in the table that you are trying to execute this action. You need to adjust the expression as per your column names, table schema etc.
Note: The function name is CONTAINS, not ONTAINS

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