Line Breaks between list items in docs template

Hi! I’m trying to design my workflow so it generates new document each time materials are taken out of inventory. For this reason I am using SUBSTITUTE(SELECT(…), “,”, " ") in my virtual colmn where I want to select code, name and amount of items taken out of my inventory so that every material is separated by line break in my detailed view. However, this solution doesn’t seem to apply and function in my google docs template and the items are separated by space without the line breaks. Is it possible to separate the items of list from select statement by line breaks in docs template? Thanks!

I want the generated pdf to look like this:

But in reality it looks like this:

Hi @richard_s

If you can share the contents of your GoogleDocs as a template, we can gather more tips.

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Detailed view:

I have created all these extra virtual columns Code, Amount, Stock, Name where I’m using the SUBSTITUTE(SELECT(…), “,”, " ") statement so that I can select these specific items from the referenced table above.

Google docs template:

I’m using the virtual columns above to insert specific items from the list in my google template

Where have you used the start and end expressions in your template? I am not getting the reason of your formula SUBSTITUTE(SELECT(…), “,”, " "), is it for getting child records? If yes, then you should read the document below:



Have you created a VC such as Related items in the Stock table using the REF_ROWS formula?

If you have, you can use the following template to output.


Problem solved :slightly_smiling_face:. I appreciate all your responses!

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