Line number of the last occurrence of a column

I’m looking for a formula to find the number of the last row of a value occurrence in a column.
Concretely here is an example with the expected line number in yellow.

Thnk you so much

Thank you so much Steve.
I go try this :wink:

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I tried the formula however I do not understand because it does not show me the line number.
I feel like she’s showing me the key.
Furthermore, when I save the formula, the cell type automatically changes to Ref, I don’t understand why.

thank you so much

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You might be able to find the row number dereferencing from that Maxrow VC:


Or wrap the MAXROW with LOOKUP

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Thank you for you’r help Heru

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  = MAX(
      ([_THISROW].[Number] = [Number])

Replace table-name with the name of the table

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Thank you so much Steve it’s that!! :partying_face: