Link a date to google calendar so it is added to the calendar

I have a google spredsheet as data. I need to be able to insert data to a google calendar, is there a way to do this?? Thanks

What data you want to insert to Google Calendar and in what way do you want to insert it? Can you elaborate?

i’d like to insert the name of a patient and the date of surgery to the calendar. My idea is once u complete all the patient’s data it adds the date and name to the calendar.

Maybe this can help you


I have this problem: Expression ‘[antec]&dates=[fecha qx]&details=[interconsultas]&location=[plan]&sf=true&output=xml’ could not be parsed due to exception: #VALUE!.

You cannot enter raw URLs as an expression. Instead, you have to construct it as a Text value:

  ENCODEURL([fecha qx]),