Link a region in the address

It’s possible to link the local region in the address?

Can you provide an example of what you mean?


Can you understand?

There is no built in way and there is no way to fetch it into the form even if you use an external service.

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Not knowing where you are, I was looking for a concrete example rather than a description of what you want. Regions to me may not be the same for you.

If I were to assume that what you mean is something like here in the US we might have “NorthEast”, “SouthEast”, “Mid-West”, “NorthWest”, etc

Then I agree with @Bellave_Jayaram there is no built-in way to retrieve this information. Regions like this are very specific to industries using/defining them.

BUT, you can build your own and it depends on how the regions YOU need are defined. If the regions are defined by State, then you would need to build a State lookup table. If they are defined by Postal Code, then you need to build a Postal Code lookup table.

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I found a spreadsheet, where there are all postal codes linked to the state, city, neighborhood, address etc of Brazil.

I will use the


, to link the postal code to the address information

My friends, thank you very much for your attention

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