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I have seen little arrows pointing to the right next to labelled columns that link to other pages so that a user can navigate from an order view to the corresponding outlet by clicking on it for instance.

How do I apply this function?



The arrows are automatically applied when you define a Column as Ref. In essence they are just inline action auto-gen’d by the system.

If you have a Ref column defined, you can go the Actions list show system actions and look for one named “View Ref (…)”. then you can see how it was created and copy it to create your own.


Hi John,

Thank you. I understand now. I have a unique key for each of my outlets in a table. I have an orders table associated with the outlets. At the moment I have to have the outlet unique key showing in the order view to be able to see the little blue arrow that navigates to the parent/outlet.

Is it correct that the only way to get the blue arrown by another column is by making that the key column in the parent table?

At the moment I have this showing and would rather have the link by the “name & town” column



You should be able to create you own inline action to behave in the same way.

Try this. Take the existing “View Ref” action you want to move. COPY it and rename the copy. Edit this new inline action and into the Appearance section. Change the “Attach to column” property to the “name & town” column. Save.

Now go into your view and you should see the Action arrow next to the “name & town” column as well.

Brillant, thank you john that’s just opened up a whole load of great stuff to add to my app.

It appears to have replaced the actual Name & Town in the inline view with the arrow now though. I need to have the name of the outlet shown.

I can get round this by creating a virtual column that has slight change in name “Name and Town” that has no ref view and adding that in.

Is that the best way?



Yes. That is the behavior of an Inline Action in a table. If you want both the Column value AND the Action to show in a table, create a second inline action and attach it another column. I use “dummy” Virtual Columns to accomplish this.

For example, I would create a VC named “View Ref Action”, define it as a Color type and set the App Formula to “” (empty string). I then attach the second Action to this dedicated column. Add the column the proper Slices and if necessary include it in the view. Now yo have an Inline Action in its own column AS WELL AS the column value from the original column in the table together.

Note: I use the Color column because it gives me a very narrow column especially in cases where the Inline Action is not shown such as a Form view.

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Hi John