Link form to form and copy info

I have a form (1st form) that requires some basic info and then allows the user to choose from three options. New, Old, Used in a Yes/No layout

I then have three details forms. New Details form, Old Details Form and Used Details form

Is there a way that if they choose “Yes” to any of these three options that after completing the 1st form that they will then be taken to the details forms (one by one) that they chose “Yes”?


Lets say they choose yes to all three options meaning they have one item New, one item Old and one item Used. After clicking submit through the original form could they be taken to the New Details form then after completing that be automatically moved on to the Old Details form and once that is completed they go to the Used Details form? Not all the time would someone choose “Yes” to all three so I am hoping it could automatically detect and only advance to the specific Details form where Yes was chosen.

If this is possible can I also have some of the basic info from the 1st form copied into the Details forms? I would like this so it will eliminate typing the same information twice the info that would be copied from 1st form to Details form is labeled as “Name”, “Quantity”, “Date”

Thanks in advance for any help!