Link not shown correctly on Email sent via workflow

Hi all,

We have an app that sends a link via a workflow and it was working fine a few hours ago. But now the link is displaying like this in the email:

This the email body a few hours ago:

Here is the Email body syntax:
Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 5.41.25 PM

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I believe your CONCATENATE expression in the body is not correct:

<a href="<<CONCATENATE('',ENCODEURL(CONCATENATE('{"cliente_id":"9e8afc3e","Nombre":"James McFarlene","Numero Solicitud":"CO-199"}')))>>">Dar click aqua para responder</a>

I just having the same error, yesterday the email body was working perfectly:

but now I am getting this ugly html format:

I have informed our engineers about this.


​The fix will be released in the next two to three hours.


Thanks @Reza and @Phil,

Issue is resolved now.

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Sorry about the regression. We were trying to resolve a security problem and introduced a regression while doing that.


Hi @Phil

In that note could we build this link outside of AppSheet and then send to users so they fill out a form? Some form will require user to upload an image that will be saved in a onedrive.

The app will not require user sign in. Would this have any security implications?