Link to a row sent with forced sync via text/email

Hi all,

Any possible way to force a sync using URL, sent via email or text, to a detail view?
Or is it possible to make a clickable deeplink that users can click/tap on which will take them to a Detail view after it syncs?

This might help you.



I tired it. I made a link in the form of:{APP_ID}#appName={APP_NAME}&page=detail&table={TABLE}&view=main_Detail&row={key_main}&at=NOW()+1

It does not force a sync. Am I using “&at=NOW()+1” improperly?

Also tried:
<<CONCATENATE(“{APP_ID}?refresh=1&wipe=1”,LINKTOROW(ENCODEURL([key_main]),“main_Detail”), “&at=NOW()+1”)>>
Same issue, mobile app isn’t forced to sync…sync works fine if opened on desktop.

Which mobile app are you using ? iOS? Android?

Users of the app will be split between Android and iOS. So, I am testing on both Android and iOS.