Link to a specific row and view

I’m trying to create a custom link for a list of leads that I have for an in-browser app. I’m having trouble getting it to link to the correct row and view. I’m able to get one or the other working but is there anyway where I can change out the “Row Count” field for each lead as a link to their onboarding view?

link to correct row but on detail view

Link to correct view but always the last row


Do you know if this works if the view is from a slice table with a row filter condition? It always returns an empty page.

It does, so long as the row you’re referencing occurs in the slice.

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Hmmm… I’m not able to get this working correctly with onboarding view because it shows other rows when you click next. It works correctly with any other view type though. Any way to isolate the single onboarding view that I want to be shown?

Hmmm… Your only option may be to create a slice with only the one row.