Link to an specific map location

Hi, today I started with Appsheet and I found it really very interesting, and I’m making my first test app.
I have a list of cities by name, for example “Rome”, “Barcelona”, “Dublin”, etc, which I retrieve from a google sheet.
I can’t make clicking on an item open that item on a map within a view.
Any ideas?
Thanks very much.

Welcome to the AppSheet Community!!

Pins on a map are represented by an Address or a Lat/Long column (contains the GPS latitude and longitude coordinates).

Do you have either one of those columns in your data?

It might help to show some screen shots of the views you have so far and of the defined data.

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Thanks John
I’m trying to open in a map the location of the name is in the row value, for example, Dublin.
I only have that value in the googlesheet. With two sheets in it, Visited and toVisit places.
I want an automatic option to add and delete places. For example if you add a new city Edinburgh you can see its location in the map. Just that. It’s just to learn the way to do this.
Notice that last time i developed something was Macromedia Flash Actionscript :smile:

Thank you again for your answer.


I did something now. I defined the table row as a address and it’s working relatively well


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Yes I was about to post that.

Be aware that there are many cities of the same name so it might be advisable to include the state, province or country along with the city name - “Rome, Italy”, “Barcelona, Spain”, etc Not sure how AppSheet reacts in those situations.

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Thank you so much.
Yes, I know that, this is just a testing app to learn.
Maybe at least my case will be useful to someone else
Thanks for your time again John