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I am trying to link two different views.
In my situation I am trying to create a link between machines using their ID from the ‘service’ view to the ‘faults’ view.

I was thinking using an inline action that links to the machines other view.
I used:
LINKTOROW([Equipment], "Faults_Detail")
but it displays a blank page.

The faults table contains hundreds of pre start inspections. But uses this in order to display only the latest row of the faults table (no need to see what was wrong with it last year):
[Timestamp]=MAXROW(“Pre Start”,“TimeStamp”,AND(ISNOTBLANK([User]),[Equipment]=[_THISROW].[Equipment]))

I think this is the issue. It links to a row but it doesnt know which row that contains the equipment ID to go to.
How can I solve this? My assumption was to combine the two but the service table doesnt have a timestamp column because the equipment ID is the more ideal key in this situation.

Thank you


LINKTOROW( row-key , view-name [ , app-id ] )


LINKTOROW() constructs a deep link to a specific row whose key matches row-key , for display with the view named by view-name , optionally in the app identified by app-id (or the current app if omitted).

row-key should be an expression that evaluates to the key column value of the row to which the link should point. Each of view-name and app-id may be of any type, are interpreted as Text values, and will be encoded (as with ENCODEURL() ) for use in the deep link.

Return Value

An App value: the constructed deep link.

So in order to use LINKTOROW, you need to give it the Key to go to. Is [Equipment] is the key?

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Yes I want [Equipment] to be the key.
[Equipment] holds the machines ID number, which is a unique value.

The formula is intended to use the machine ID to link to the faults detail view of that machine.

Deep Link Expressions

AppSheet provides helper expressions to create deep links.

Linking to a particular view and row in the current app:

  • ([Order Detail ID], “Order Details”)

will navigate to the “Order Details” view in the current app for the row having the key value contained in [Order Detail ID].

But is it actually set as the Key in AppSheet?

[Equipment] is the key for the service data
[Timestamp] is the key for the faults data

We are linking from service to faults.

I see where your coming from, im just not sure how to fix it.

I figured it out. The formula I used was:

LINKTOROW(SELECT(Faults[Timestamp], ([Equipment] = [_THISROW].[Equipment])), “Faults_Detail”)

Thank you
For taking time out to try to assist me.

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Yay! Glad you got there on your own, but that was exactly what I was coming back to say to do.

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