Link to App at end of form

If I do a LINKTOAPP as the on save action of a form are pending changes on the original app saved? Is there a chance of them not saving?

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You’re right to be thinking about this, but rest assured your data is safe.

AppSheet is built around devices being offline and online at different times, and so they’ve built the system to ensure that data entered into the app is retained and not lost.

What happens when you link away from an app on the form event is:

  1. The record is saved
  2. the form event action then fires off, and if you’ve got a LINKTOAPP() navigation action in there - you’ll be redirected to the new app.

A warning popup might appear about pending syncs still not being uploaded or something (can’t remember the exact wording); but if you continue to the new app and return to the original app again, those updates that weren’t uploaded to the cloud are sitting there on the device waiting to upload.