Link to Filtered View inside Ifs Condition

Hello Everyone,

I’m trying to implement a barcode scanner into my packaging program.

I have 3 tables,
Displays, Film, and masters.

If I scan and on save of the scanner form I use an action to go to another app view with the following formula, everything works well.

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW("Vendor Display_Detail", [barcode] = [_thisrow].[Scan])

Problem is, this only Isolates 1 of the tables.

I’m trying to do the following,

Count(SELECT(Vendor Display[Id], ([barcode] = [_thisrow].[Scan])))>0,
LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW("Vendor Display_Detail", [barcode] = [_thisrow].[Scan]),
Count(SELECT(Vendor Film[Id], ([barcode] = [_thisrow].[Scan])))>0, 
LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW("Vendor Film_Detail", [barcode] = [_thisrow].[Scan]),
Count(SELECT(Vendor Masters[Id], ([barcode] = [_thisrow].[Scan])))>0,
LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW("Vendor Masters_Detail", [barcode] = [_thisrow].[Scan])

So Im searching through each table, and if there is a match, navigate to that detail view.
Currently, even though I’m scanning a matching Bar code, it just goes to the view one was on prior to going to the scanner form.

Any Help would be appreciated :smiley:


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Jumped the gun again,
Removed action on form save for some reason… OMG!!!

Works perfectly.

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