Link To Form Formula


I am trying to write a formula to link to a form slice I’ve made. However I am running into 2 problems with the following action formula:

=LINKTOFORM(“Off Rent Request”, “Equipment ID:”, [Equipment ID:], “Approval Status”, “Transfer Requested”)

First problem being Equipment ID isn’t locked (They can change the info there, I need it to be locked, but showing what was on the previous page). Second problem being I need the approval status to be filled in with “Transfer Requested” even though I’ve got that column hidden in that slice. Is that possible?

You can set the Show_if property of both columns to FALSE so that they won’t appear in the Form UX, but will be filled with data you have set in the deep link.

@LeventK That would work for this form view, but I need that column to appear in a different view. This form sets the status of the row (i.e. “pending approval”), I then need a different view to be able to change that status (i.e. “Approved”).

Is there a way to write a show_if formula that only shows in specific UX’s?

How awesome, I just found your answer in a different topic. NOT(CONTEXT("ViewType")="Form") should do the trick lol


CONTEXT(“View”) = “YourViewName”

specifies a particular View

Using Show_If to hide a column you don’t want users to modify is the wrong approach. Instead, set Editable_If to the expression, FALSE. Note, this isn’t setting Editable? to OFF.