Link to form in email template of a workflow

I am emailing to the a user on an “add”
How do I include a Link to the form in the email body template?

Try opening up the app in your browser (fullscreen mode from the emulator), navigate to the form you’re referring to, then copying the URL from the address bar.


I am sending an email to a user in a workflow(to notify), in the workflow email I want a link to the form that just got created with them as person to notify. So the link url will change everytime.
Is there a “current item” reserved name? or link to this form type of code

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There is a row=**** as part of the URL. You would just need to replace that portion of the URL with “row=” & <<_ROWKEY>>

Steve pointed you in the right direction with Template variables, check out <<_Row_Web_Link>>