Link to Form set Many-to-Many Dereference

I have the following scenario:

A table of PermitList with a many-to-many relation to MeterInspections via a bridge table called LaramieCoMeterInspections_Has_PermitList. In the detail view of PermitList I have a Derefence column with formula REF_ROWS("LaramieCoMeterInspections_Has_PermitList", "PermitList_fk"). From this inline view I have a ‘Add’ button when clicked brings me to the relation view where the value of PermitList_fk is set to the id of the current PermitList row and the MeterInspection_fk field I can choose ‘New’ or an existing MeterInspection row. If choosing new then the MeterInspection new row will have the PermitList preset and I can continue entering the information for the MeterInspection.

I would like to use a custom action under PermitList that will accomplish this ‘step?’ process and figured I could get this accomplished via ‘go to another view within this app’ and using the following navigation LINKTOFORM("LaramieCoMeterInspections_Form", [Related LaramieCoMeterInspections_Has_PermitLists][PermitList_fk], [_THISROW]). Unfortunately this does not seem to work. Ideally I would like this kind of action both as the prominent action for a PermitList row but also would like this type of action to replace the default ‘Add’ inline action under the Dereference to MeterInspections.

Can this be accomplished via a sequence of actions possibly or is there some other way to set up the Linktoform navigation to get this accomplished? @Steve Hoping maybe you have some insight on this since you seem very knowledgeable on Appsheet.

I’m having a tough time following what your goal is. Could you try explaining your goal in plain language?

The best way to describe it is that I am in a selected row of the PermitList table, when clicking on an action I would like to bring up the a new entry form for the MeterInspections table and have the many-to-many relation between these two tables preset to the new MeterInspections UniqueId and the PermitList Id to the row from which I selected the action.

Using the inline ‘Add’ action under PermitList Detail for ‘Meter Inspections’ sort of accomplishes this but I would like to do this in a single step if possible.

If you look at images 4 and 5 it is the MeterInspection form and since I chose new MeterInspection under the inline entry the MeterInspection form already has the reference of the PermitList set based on the PermitList record that I initiated the inline ‘Add’ functionality. Hopefully this makes more sense. Ultimately I want that inline ‘Add’ to skip over everything inbetween and just open the MeterInspections form with the relation already set based on the PermitList record that I had selected.