Link to form with data from parent and child table


I’ll try to explain. Can I open a form using the deep link linktofrom action from a nested row in a view, but recalling some information from the parent table and putting them in the form.

I have a request for a product (Roger wants 2 blue shoes)

The view is showing that information (Roger, 2 blue shoes). The nested view in the bottom shoes every location where I have blue shoes in stock). That information is coming from another table link by the Product_location_ID).

Now I have created on action that opens a form with this information:
Client name
Quantity to pick-up

That form would create a line in another table (pick-up) and generat a pick up list

How can I populate the form using linktoform with all the information (from the products and localisation I’m ok, it’s the client information that is my problem since it’s coming from another table)

Hope I’m clear.

If I understand correctly, it sounds like you’ll need to have one or more list type columns in the target table and use a SELECT() expression to pull in the appropriate data for each list. The SELECT() expression(s) would be nested inside your LINKTOFORM() expression. I would image that what you want to do should be possible.

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