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I would like to have a view that simply contains 7 buttons that take you to a specific form. How can I best accomplish this?

I was given this advice the other day.
Create an action to go to another view within the app. Then, from the configuration for the deck/gallery/table view, near the bottom is an option to set an action when a row is selected. From there, attach the action you just created. When the user visits the deck/gallery/table view and clicks on a row, your custom action will be taken.

Im unsure what the formula would be within this action, can anyone help me?

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You’ll need a table that will define the buttons in the view. Let’s call it Menu Table.

Menu Table will need a column to contain the text for the menu button. Let’s call it Button Name. This column should be the AppSheet table’s label column.

We’ll also need a column–let’s call it Button Form–to identify the name of the form to which the user should be taken when clicking on the button. This column should be the AppSheet table’s key column.

Create the worksheet for Menu Table and populate it with appropriate data.

Add the worksheet as a table to your app (Data > Tables). Name the table Menu Table (as mentioned above). The table should be read-only; disable adds, updates, and deletes.

Configure the table’s columns (Data > Columns) appropriately, especially with regard to identifying the label and key columns indicated above. Save your changes.

Create a view (UX > Views) for the table (the app editor may have already created one for you when the table was added). For view type, choose either Deck, Gallery, or Table, as desired. Save your changes. Choose a position for your view that will make it visible (i.e., not ref).

Create a new action (Behavior > Actions) with the following settings:

  • For For a record of this table, select Menu Table.

  • For Do this, choose App: go to another view within the app.

  • For Target, enter [Button Form].

Take note of the name of this new action. Save your changes.

Go to the configuration for the view you created above, down to the BEHAVIOR section. For Event Actions, for Row Selected, choose the action you created above. Save your changes.

Using your app, navigate to your new view. When you click on an item, you should be taken to its associated view.

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@SKETCHwade Here’s an example app that demonstrates this