Link to image is different in generated PDF

My App includes a Workflow that generates a PDF from a Google Doc template. I have a virtual column in a specific table that creates a URL to an image using an App Formula for the column. Within the App this URL works properly. I have adjusted the security settings accordingly so that I can copy and past the URL into a browser and see the image. This virtual column is also included in my report. However the links in the report are not functioning. In looking at the url in detail I noticed that the url in the report is slightly different than what is showing in the app. Below is the App formula expression for my virtual column “Link to Receipt”. I have included the URL as it appears in the app as well as the URL as it appears in the report. In the report a “25” is inserted just after the % symbol into the url. I have hidden the actual code for the app (privacy concerns) so the urls below will not work.

App Formula:
IF(ISNOTBLANK([Receipt]),CONCATENATE(“”, ENCODEURL(“Expenses-???“), “&tableName=”, ENCODEURL(”ExpensesTable”),“&fileName=”, ENCODEURL([Receipt])), “None”)

URL as it appears in the App:

URL as it appears in the report:

Can anyone shed some light on why this url is changing in the report?


%2f is the URL encoding of the forward slash in the file path /

%25 is a URL encoding of a percent sign from the previous encoding %

It appears your URL got ran through ENCODEURL() twice in the template. How is your template setup to output the URL?


Here is the expression in the Template to show the “Link to Receipt” virtual column.

<<Hyperlink([Link to Receipt],”View Receipt”)>>

I made the following change to the App formula for my Virtual Column “Link to Receipt” and it is now working: I don’t use the virtual column within the App, it is only used to create the link for the report.


Thanks for the help. Your comment guided me where to look to solve the issue.