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(Romain Carafray) #1

Hi everybody,
Is there any solution to have a link on an email report to a specific data on a view.
In my example, I create a report 30 days before the due date to each responsible in order to update the status.
On this email,I would like to have a link directly to the record on Appsheet.
I have tried with these formulas but doesn’t works
<<LINKTOROW([Key], “Viewname”, “App-Name”)>>
<<CONCATENATE(“App-Name#view=Viewname&row=”, ENCODEURL([Key]))>>
The text appears but there is no link
Thanks :crossed_fingers:

(Levent Kulacoglu) #2

You can use HTML technique in the Email Body property of your workflow rule. Here is an example:

Click <a href='<<CONCATENATE('{*AppId*}#appName=*YourAppName*&table=*YourTableName*&page=detail&row=',[KEY])>>'><b><u>HERE</u></b></a> to view the record.

(Romain Carafray) #3

Hi and thanks for the answer
I have tried and I receive now a link.
But, when I click on it, I redirected to Appsheet with an error message (see below)
The app is in test mode (not deployed yet), May it cause this trouble?


Something has gone wrong!

The URL is: [/start/%7BCARFU-848637%7D]
App Template ‘{CARFU-848637}’ not found.

Here below what I have typed

(Levent Kulacoglu) #4

You shall remove the curly brackets wrapped with your app id. I have put them in my example to give you the idea. Your expression shall be:

Click <a href='<<CONCATENATE('',[KEY])>>'><b><u>HERE</u></b></a> to view the record.

You can get your AppId from User >> Links pane in the Browser Link parameter

At the end, your expression will look like this:

Click <a href='<<CONCATENATE('',[KEY])>>'><b><u>HERE</u></b></a> to view the record.

(Romain Carafray) #5

Whoua !!! Works perfectly.
Thanks so much for your help, I will never found alone !

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(Levent Kulacoglu) #6

You’re welcome @Romain