Link to specific record in sms not working, truncated?

Is it because it is being truncated when sent?<<[PR_NO]>>&table=Pri_Req_Visible_User&view=Pri_Req_Visible_User_detail&at=<<ENCODEURL(NOW())>>


If so, how can I fix it. I already shortened my table and view names, a lot. Can I do something for the 922dbed2-5196-4caa-9581-401fc815a472


I would think this is all you need:

I’m not aware of a way to shorten the part before the # character.

Thanks Steve,
I used Tiny URL to shorten the first part and it worked.<<[PR_NO]>>&table=Pri_Req_Visible_User&view=Pri_Req_Visible_User_detail&at=<<ENCODEURL(NOW())>>

I tried yours but it didn’t work.

I tried modifying yours but that didn’t work either. Do you know of any reason why using a Tiny URL is a bad idea?<<[PR_NO]>>&view=Pri_Req_Visible_User_detail&at=

Should be fine.

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Please bear in mind that SMS content shall not exceed 160 chars. Punctuations and non-Latin chars will be counted as 2 chars. So you shall be controlling that.


Thanks. I’m so spoiled by modern phones not having that limit but I did run into it. I wonder if I can include anything else in the Tiny Url?