Link to specific row on dashboard view

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know how to build an action that goes to a dashboard view and opens a detail view in a specific ID?

Here I found something but does not speak how to do the action when the view is a dashboard ?. Thank you very much for your help.

for example:

I don’t believe there is a way.

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LINKTOROW([Key],“DASHBOARD_VIEW”) kind of works, but there’s a bug. I think they are still working on this feature because it’s not documented.

The action will work, and it will actually pull up the dashboard view with the row selected. But from there, the dashboard stops responding to mouse clicks to select other rows.

The dashboard is locked on that row, and in the browser, the URL ends in:

You have to refresh or go to another view to get the dashboard working again.

So I’d say this is not possible for now, but once the feature is finished, the format should be LINKTOROW([Key],“DASHBOARD_VIEW”).


It would be a good option, I wonder what would happen where the dashboard had more than one detail view of more than one table.