Link to View inline not showing column title


I have added an inline link to another view to take the user to a detail view of a row. It shows the 8nline action but does not show the name of the outlet in thw column it is attached to. I have attched pics to show with and without the action button showing. I’m lookin gto have the Name and Town then the link button inline then the other columns to the right.



Unfortunately, if you attach an button inline, the button replaces the column value in table views. There is no way to change this behavior, so you’d have to work around it.

Ok thanks,

I’ve just attached it “Name and Town” and then shown the UNIQUE ID which is normally hidden as it refereces the parent table where the “Name and Town” is the label. That gives me the view I want.

Otherwise I have created a VC that is just a copy of the other column and allocted it the exact same name in the Display Name part of the table and attached it to that.

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