Link two sheets together

Here is a standard version of the app I am trying to make.

The purpose is to track problems with construction sites. We have three teams that each have their own construction sites they manage. I am able to view construction sites by foreman. I need to also be able to sort construction site issues by foreman. I suspect this is also possible by slice but that would only half solve my issue.
I have been struggling with making the references work between sheets. I am not sure if I need a parent-child sheet relationship, or just an auto-generated copy of some of the info in the parent sheet to also be in the child sheet.
Maybe the problem is that I used the auto app creator, which autogenerated the data into two seperate sheets instead of as tabs of the same spreadsheet?
I have managed to create a reference but it selects which data to input by itself. For example the reference inputs the name of the site, but I need a reference each for site name, site ID number (not key), foreman, etc. When viewing the table of all construction site issues, this information needs to be there.

Please pardon my terminology, I am programming half in German. I hope someone can help. Thank you very much.