Linking "providers" and "consumers" in an emergency situation app


I started on another app but I am very crunched for time. I called it “FEMA” but it could really be for any org that wants match up “entities that have supplies” with “entities that need supplies”. If you are game to contribute I will add one or two folks as an editor on my app and also ensure you have access to the google sheet backing it. I’ve made a pretty solid data model and even started down the road of providing solid aggregate calcs - and some workflow and action automation to boot. LMK if you want to jump in, here is the publicly facing example, which of course you cannot edit:


Estoy en México pero ya llevo algun tiempo desarrollando en Appsheet con gusto me uno para aportar

Everyone, I may need your help with this. I’m in contact with the healthcare organization in Delaware and they need quite a bit of help. As I get details I’ll post in this category, but I think what Ty put together might be the first thing that they’ll need help with. More details to follow.

Ty, can you give me access to this app so I can start putting it together for them?

@School_Bus I will reach out shortly.