Linking to GSuite Shared Folder

Hello, I have an app with a list of projects, all of my projects have files that relate to them, whether they are images or plans, I want to store these files in a shared folder in GSuite and provide a field in my app to link directly to the folder of the project in the GSuite Shared Folder.

Is there any productive way of doing this? Or can anyone suggest or provide samples of any other ideas?

My big issue here seems to be that I can’t seem to get a shareable link to a folder, inside a shared folder in GSuite. So perhaps what I am trying to do is not possible.

Any ideas?

If you want to add a table from shared folder to your app, you need to add that gSheet as “Add to my Drive” to your own Drive.

Hi @Aleksi, Sorry for the misunderstanding, I want to save images/plans in a shared folder on Drive, I want a field in my app, that easily allows access straight to the Drive folder, I was thinking by a link, but Drive doesn’t provide shareable links for shared folders.

Is that shared folder owned by you or someone else?

@Aleksi, owned by myself.

Move that folder into a same folder where your main spreadsheet is and then you can set your folder name from the image column’s definition.