Linking two fields one to each other

Hello guys,

I have two fields, “Product ID” and “Description” from a Product table that I’m using in a Order Detailed form to create an order for a bunch of products and I want autocomplete one of them when I select the other one. I mean, select the product by searching the ID or the Description of a particular product in dropdown list and filling the other one automatically after selecting the first one.

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You can use a reference to the product table and a virtual column.

Let’s say you have your Product table with fields ‘ID’ and ‘Description’.
You have another table Order that has a Ref column ‘Product ID’ (that is a reference to ‘ID’ in the Product table) and that also has a Virtual column ‘Product Description’ that gets the description of the referenced product through a formula like [Product ID].[Description].
I think that should work.

Relevant doc at

Thanks a lot Arthur!! :kissing_heart: