LINKROW for Calendar views

Hi folks,

I have three views,
-A “Short” and “Long” view, which are Table views that contains dates
as well as “Calendar”, which is a calendar view that references the dates in the Short and Long view.
All of these views use the same table, called “Data”

I created a “Open another view” action for the Short view that will go directly to its equivalent entry in the Long View. It’s scripted like this.


This works perfectly.

I also created this action in the Short view in order to link to the Calendar, expecting the app to go directly the to specific date referenced in the Short view.


However, it only opens the Calendar to today’s date.

It seems LINKTOROW can only be used for detail views, as linking it to table/deck/calendar/other views, doesn’t do anything.

So I would like to request a feature where LINKTOROW will “jump” to a particular row in a table/deck/calendar/other views.

This would help me immensely.