LINKTOAPP or everything on the same app?

Hey there !.

I’m looking for any comment related to LINKTOAPP, this is because I have 3 app’s that I want to have a menu to easily navigate to those apps.

But my experience with LINKTOAPP wasn´t the best onw, so I’m wondering wich solution would be better.

  2. Have all the data in the same app, but just create a common MENU

There is no one answer. Ultimately, it’s whichever solution works best for you.

On your experience, how is the user experience with linktoapp ? does it works perfectly ? or does it have any difficulty ?

LIKTOAPP() works just fine.

The biggest difference is that when moving between apps with LINKTOAPP(), the existing app will close (possibly with unsynced data changes) and the new app will open. When the new app opens, it will sync (if so configured), which will take time and might be annoying to the user. Keeping all the functionality within a single app avoids that transition time, but the app itself is going to much more complex than separate apps would be. But there are also substantial complexities to using multiple apps if they share data.


Can I use LINKTOAPP() without Internet ???

That could be the best way to know which one should I Use