LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW 2nd parameter problem

Hello everyone,

I want to jump between different slices; but i think i miss some important point.

I have main UX departments of employees.
When I select one department in that list. I want to see employee list but only selected department. I tried many things; but I failed.

in the behaviour tab. I selected “goto another view with in this app”. And my target is:
LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“EmployeeList”, [department]=[_THIS].[department]

The deeplink that you have set don’t work? What’s the view type for your Department UX?


LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“EmployeeList”, [department]=[_THIS].[department]

should be:

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“EmployeeList”, [department]=[_THISROW].[department]

Hi @Steve! Hi @LeventK! I hope you will forgive me for asking a question that’s not related to the thrust of this question but I’ve noticed that you both make good use of colored text in your posts. I wanted to do that in one of my own posts today but couldn’t figure out how. Could you tell me how it’s done? I found bold and italic in the menu, but I can’t figure out how to add color.

Provided you enclose your expressions between 3 backticks (```), it’s automatically doing that but there is no consistency unfortunately. It’s denoted that the platform the community supports Markdown and BBCode, but I couldn’t be able to succeed with any of them. Possibly it has to be somehow activated on AppSheet side.

Thanks! I’m testing by enclosing this phrase in backticks as you indicated. I see that the </> choice on the editing menu does something similar. [color=#FF00FF]Text in fuchsia[/color] doesn’t seem to work. Oh well.