Linktofilteredview and formatting

Hi Guys
With a LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW I am applying a format:

But the results are the same for every row:

How could this be and what would the fix be?


We can’t see EmpEfficiency. What data type is it?

The name and usage of “100” in the expression makes me think its Percent? If so, you need to base your criteria off of the raw value stored in the sheet. Usually that means that 100% is stored as 1.00. So change the expression to …< 1.0

Hi, EmpEfficiency is not shown on the table view but is there in detail view, the column is set at Number so the values are at One Hundred Percent Efficiency shown as 100 numerically without the percentage fraction.



So I can’t understand why it should fail.
I was thinking it was that way because of the filtered view ??

Well,something is definitely wrong: Number values don’t have decimal points.

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@Steve is correct, your sheet data doesn’t match the data type defined in AppSheet.

However. I played with a little same app and AppSheet should be able to cope. Here is my sheet sample data:

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 12.56.57 PM

In AppSheet these values were shown like this:

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 12.57.20 PM

and I used this format rule:

Your current implementation should work. The decimal number will round to nearest whole number. The result of the format rule will be based on the rounded number.

I guess what we haven’t seen is the rest of your format rule to see what format(s) you are trying to apply. Also, make sure there are not OTHER rules that are interfering.


I think its because of the relationship between tables.

qryEffFinal and qryEfficiencyCore both have the correct key fields [EmployeeID] in Number format.
In qryEffFinal there is one entry of [EmployeeID] for each member of staff.


In qryEfficiencyCore there are many entries for [EmployeeID].


These are shown from:
But, if I select a record from here then the record shown isn’t the one I selected.
If I select this record:


Which shows 20.00 and 19.24, the record shown is as follows:

Which has 5.50 and 5.25

So there is something wrong with the filter ???

Change [_THISROW] to [_THISROW].[EmployeeID]