Linktofilteredview() and lists of ref_rows

Hello, I have a conundrum that may have a simple solution that I’m simply not seeing.

There are two tables:
Table A with column A (key) and column B (text)
Table B with column C (ref_rows of Table A)

I’m making an action for Table B to “go to another view within this app”

The action uses Linktofilteredview(“Table A View”, IN([Column A].[Column B], [Column C][Column B])

Why is this not working? It should be easy for Table A to give me rows that have its Column B value in the ref_row list [Column C][Column B]

IN() simply returns a TRUE/FLASE value of if the provided value exists in the provided list. You’ll need to use some sort of expression that returns specifically the Key you want to go to.

You can’t use a de-ref expression within an IN(…) expression. Also your way of introducing the [Related ColumnX_Values] (REF_ROWS) is not correct. You shall enclose it with a SELECT(…) expression.

One problem is with [Column C][Column B]: the IN() expression is evaluated in Table A, and Column C does not exist within Table A.

What do you want the filtered view to display?

Thank you for all yall help.

What worked for me was Linktofilteredview(“Table A View”, IN([Column B], SELECT(Table A[Column B], [Table B Key] = [_THISROW].[Table B Key])

The intention of the action is quite complex. It shows all of the related rows in Table A that has a reference row in Table B (whose key is [Table B Key]) as the current row in Table B. Table A has a column with Table B Key as a REF column.

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