Linktofilteredview - data entered is being corrupted

I have a table (Login)that the reception team (user) is presented with first via a form. All it does is capture a Principle’s name but adds logging information behind the scenes. All good so far.
I want to take that Principle’s name and then show ALL the appointments held in another table (Notes) to the user, so they can add notes after the appointment.

I created a behavior as follows and when they save the form it delivers them to the view filtered with the Principle’s name:
And that works as I expect in terms of rows returned. However, I believe that although AppSheet has accepted this and it appears to work, I’ve transposed the expression and it should be

When I test, either appears to work and everything appears good.

Question 1. Which expression is correct and why do both work? Do the columns have to be keys?

Question 2 - In testing phase, the team that enter the notes state that some notes are changing or disappearing. It looks as if the notes of one Principle are being over written with anothers or just removed. Is it because of the transposed expression?

I’ve created a workflow that delivers to me an email that shows each and every change in this table together with a change column to tell me when. Sure enough things have changed but I dont know how to diagnose as when I do it I cannot get any form of repro.

Ideas welcome.
Thanks in advance.

They are both correct. Imagine if you’re asking whether “1 equals 2” or whether “2 equals 1”, the answer is the same.


If 2 users enter an update to the app around the same time, without first syncing the app the receive the other user’s update, then whichever one is last will “win” (overwrite the other). Is this possibly what is happening?

Imagine if user A and user B sync the app at the same time and receive a record for Principle C, where the notes field is blank. User A enters a note into the field and syncs, the note goes to the backend data. User B has not sync’d again to receive the new note data, so the note is still blank for him. User B then makes a different edit to the Principle C record (edits a different column), but still keeping the note column blank. Then User B syncs, and sends his own edit to the backend sheet, but it also overwrites A’s note with a blank value, because it writes the entire record as whole.

Definitely not.


Hi Marc
No the users each have a list of Principles they are working on behalf of that day so they aren’t fighting over the same row/record.

Thanks for the explanations on the other points, much appreciated.